Buddhist Resources 

Suggested Readings *

What the Buddha Taught
by Walpola Rahula

Buddhist Ethics
by Hammalawa Saddhatissa

The Buddha and His Teachings
by Venerable Narada Thera

The Historical Buddha
by H. W. Schumann

Dhammapada, translated
by Ven. Buddharakkhita Thera

Dhammapada, translated
by Irving Babbitt

The First Discourse of the Buddha
by Dr. Rewata Dhamma

The Foundations of Mindfulness
by Venerable U Silananda

The Vision of Dhamma
by Nyanaponika Thera

Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree
by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Mindfulness: Path to the Deathless
by Ajahn Sumedho

Being Nobody, Going Nowhere
by Ayya Khema

In This Very Life
by Sayadaw U Pandita

The Revolutionary Art of Happiness

by Sharon Salzberg
* available from major bookstores--
if they don't have the one you want,
they may be able to order it for you.


Helpful Links *

Access to Insight

Tipitaka Network

The Dhamma Times


Bhavana Society (Ven. Gunaratana)

Abhayagiri Monastery
(Dhamma Teachings)

Amaravati Monastery (UK)

The London Buddhist Vihara

Buddhist Fellowship

What Kamma Is
by Sayadaw U Thittila

Mindfulness with Breathing
by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Mindfulness in Plain English
by Henepola Gunaratana

Online Pali-English Dictionary

VRI Roman Pali Font - Free Download

LeedsBit Pali Font - Free Download

Indic Times Unicode Font - Free Download

Sri Lanka Virtual Library

Buddhist Cultural Centre Online Bookshop

Pariyatti (Buddhist Books, etc.)

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